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Overcome Addiction to Heroin | Opiates | Painkillers.

Breaking the cycle of opiate abuse and/or opiate addiction is made easier with medication-assisted treatment. Advances in science have made this process much safer, less painful and more successful.

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As a patient, your goal is to achieve a happy, drug-free lifestyle. The treatment team’s goal is to ensure your success.

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Benefits of Methadone / Suboxone Treatment.


 Our programs use the latest science to create a comprehensive plan for patients that include MAT, counseling and medical services. Programs are customized to the patient’s needs and services are delivered in a way that respects the dignity, value and self-worth of every individual.

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Brand New Start Treatment Centers helps people overcome their dependence on painkillers, heroin, and opiate-based medications.


Methadone and Suboxone treatments are successful in relieving the cravings for Opioids, eliminating withdrawal symptoms during treatment, and blocking the euphoric effects one may experience when using Opioids.


We will help you manage your dependency.  Contact Us Today!

Methadone / Suboxone

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The Cycle.

There’s no question that breaking the cycle of opioid addiction is hard. 

When you decide to seek help and begin your journey to a drug-free lifestyle, Brand New Start Suboxone™ / Methadone treatment centers will walk hand in hand with you through every step.


The treatment team, headed up by an experienced medical staff and a caring group of counseling professionals, is committed to providing the highest level of care through substance abuse counseling, education and rehabilitation.


"Since I've been coming here, my life has changed and become so much better.  My family says I'm dependable and reliable, and they respect me so much more.  Being here has saved my life."

"From the first day, you walk through the doors at BNSTC, you know you are definitely not alone on your journey.  You truly feel not only welcomed but at ease.


  they work with you to build and maintain the confidence needed to overcome your addiction and successfully obtain your goal of sobriety."

Medication-Assisted Treatment is an opioid addiction treatment approach that combines behavioral counseling with stabilizing medication. It is not a prescription for medication alone. Instead, the focus is on counseling through individualized custom patient care under the guidance of a medical doctor who addresses the cravings and withdrawal symptoms of the patient.


The most effective treatment program is one that combines medication with a range of other services such as medical, behavioral and social counseling in order to provide long-lasting, positive results.


Options for MAT include medications such as Methadone, buprenorphine or Suboxone™. Each of these medications have different properties and should be discussed with the doctor to determine which is the best option for the individual.

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